About Us

Our collection is inspired by nature and its natural beauty. We have always had a special connection to the natural world, living sustainably and caring for the earth. I have always loved to create handmade clothes for my family and friends. I learned from a young age by watching and helping my mom sew. I also studied sewing and worked in many arts and crafts. This love of making unique, handmade clothes has grown into a small local market stall selling our festival and pixie style clothing inspired designs. Now that our clothing line is more and more popular, we are thankful that we can partner with a small family business in a small town. With mutual gratitude, my tailor and I work together to create each piece with love and inspiration. I feel lucky to be able to work with my team according to fair and ethical practices. I always make items by hand in my store and love to design unique and comfortable clothes. witnessing our progress.